Flame Light

Large attractive flamelight ideal for hire, corporate events, stage productions etc. The product features a large 1.3m high silk illuminated from beneath by 9 high intensity coloured halogen lamps replicating a moving flame effect and kept aloft by a brushless induction motor designed for continual use allowing this product to be used for long duty periods
£35.00 each or £60.00 a Pair
Mirror Ball
30cm (12") Mirror Ball
A classic effect from the 70's which is still as popular today.
£20.00 with motor
LEDJ  Star Cloth
Now any mobile DJ or group can hang a professional looking chasing light backdrop behind their booth or stage area, thanks to the new Starcloth. This 6 x 3m black curtain with more than 200 LED's flash and flicker to the beat of the music. As it's illumination source is LED it produces extremely sharp, brilliant points of light, yet they are much less costly than fiber optics, which were used in most light curtains in the past.
3m by 2m £100.00 per night
6m by 3m £250.00 per night
LEDJ DJ Skirt Starcloth And Stand
A very clever solution to a common problem. The DJ Skirt is made for the 122cm deck stand system to hide all your wiring and add a professional image to your set-up.
£50.00 per night

LED Screen XP1
Traditional light screens are part of the upbringing of most veteran DJ's, the LED Screen XP1 is a modern day equivalent to this throughbred. The XP1 has the ability to create bar graph style sound to light animation using all the colour's of the matching XP range. Various patterns are produced over and above the bar graph peack meter and used with other XP products beautiful combinations are made possible. One of the main advantages of the use of LED technology is the expected life of light emitters, they are said to be in the region of 50,000 hours. Many more shades and colours are available if used on a traditional DMX console.
£35.00 each or £60.00 for the pair
XP5 Monnflower DJ
Colour changers are not all the same, this extremely impressive fixture has added feature of Gobo Rock. Gobo Rock is a software addition that moves the beam in time to the music creating exciting beam rock that brings a whole new dimension to the standard colour changer. This fascinating feature brings animation to the product that would ordinarily not be there. Extra lens options make the XP4 ideal for band applications where wide beam spread is essential. Simple dip switch setting on the rear of the XP4 restrict the colour changer to open aperture only (use no gobos patterns mode) thus maintaining maximum output of the light beam, ideal when used in conjunction with the wide angle lens. All extreme fittings feature a unique display mode that triggers all lightshow functions without sound trigger.
£35.00 each or £60.00 a pair.
 The XP3 spin is designed to follow on from our previous models to hold consistency throughout the XP range. The barrel movement has been tailored and adapted using the latest software routines to operate with the music at extremely high sensitivity resulting in superior control. Because of the optical system and the addition of the lamp high and low saver switch the XP3 can be balenced in output to match units such as the XP2 and XP4 that have less or no mirrored area to reflect off. The XP3 spins remarkable ability to invert its movements while cross fading its colours and gobo patterns makes the lightshow effects appear effortless.
£35.00 each or £60.00 a pair

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